Mass Mailing Lists PaInT

Info about mass mailing lists:

PaInT has different mass mailing lists in order to facilitate emailing large groups of people. If you want to reach one group of people, you can send your email to the mass mailing address. Different mass mailing addresses can be combined to reach different groups of people.


Who ? Description Mass mailing address

PhD's and staff
Prof. Verliefde

PhD students and staff (postdocs, John) of Prof. Verliefde

Prof. Verliefde


Master students of Prof. Verliefde



Prof. VDMeeren

PhD students of Prof. Van der Meeren

Prof. VDMeeren


Master students of Prof. Van Der Meeren




Everyone in ISOFYS who has his/her office in Ghent


Note that Arne and Emile are not in a list o, so if you want to email them, add their addresses next to the group you are mailing to.;


If you want to add someone to a mass mailing list:

Concerning Arne's group:

Concerning Paul's group:

Concerning Pascal's group: Katja