Better storage and packaging

How can our lab help you reach the Green Deal goals? (Picture)

The Research Unit Food Microbiology and Food Preservation (FMFP), belonging to the Department of Food Technology, Safety and Health, starts from unraveling microbial spoilage mechanisms (in bacteria, moulds as well as yeasts) responsible for food spoilage and how this is influenced by preservation technologies.

One of the key technologies is food packaging. Recently, a lot of attention is given towards the balance between the complexity of packaging material, linked with its biobased content and recyclability, and its protective effect towards the packaged food product, linked with food waste. Also, intelligent packaging systems, being able to detect spoilage of packaged food products, are intensively investigated. 

Better storage and packaging

About our lab

FMFP tries to formulate answers on civil challenges related to providing safe food worldwide and to reduce food losses through studying the behavior of micro-organisms during the transformation and storage of food products. Next to more fundamental research, FMFP tries to translate its gained knowledge towards the industry through, among others, its servicelab.


Prof. Frank Devlieghere