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Check here which documents you definitely need to have in order for UGent to go abroad.
On this page you will find more general tips to prepare your stay abroad.


  • Kamiel: the guide for all your plans abroad. (Dutch website)
  • Reis wijs: Foreign Affairs Department brochure.
  • You can register your trip via travellersonline, which will make it easier for the FPS Foreign Affairs to inform you if necessary.

Learning a language

  • Through the University Language Centre (UCT) at UGent, you can take a language course as an exchange student at a greatly reduced rate.
    (Language courses from UCT cannot be validated in your curriculum)
  • Many universities offer language courses for incoming exchange students. This may take place before the start of the academic year or during the semester. Check your host institution's website for this.
    (You can however include this language course in your curriculum, after approval by the programme manager)

Search for accomodation

Finding a room is your own responsibility, this is not automatically arranged for you.

  • You can find tips for your destination on our International Office Partners page.
  • We can put you in touch with students who have been to the same host institution to share information.
  • You may be able to sublet your own kot while abroad, you can find more info at the bottom of this webpage.


  • You can visit the Travel Clinic at UZ Gent for all information and vaccinations.

Intercultural preparation (outside the Erasmus zone)

For students going on exchange to a destination outside the Erasmus zone, UGent organises an afternoon where you get information on living habits, safety, health...

If you want to apply for a VLIR-UOS travel scholarship, you are required to attend a preparation session!