“ATMO-FLOR: Preservation technologies for maintaining quality throughout the ornamental plant production chain”


Suboptimal preservation and transport conditions of plantlets, cuttings, flowers and whole plants in the ornamental production chain leads to big annual losses for several growers. To avoid as much losses as possible, both transport and preservation time is kept as short as possible to guarantee high quality products. However, for a better production spreading and to reach a larger export area, longer preservation and transport is necessary.

Plants or plant parts are alive. This means that they respire and transpire. Both respiration and transpiration rate have an important influence on the quality and regrowth after preservation and transport because they affect the energy and water reserves of the plants and plant parts. When one or both of these parameters increases, the quality of the material will decrease.

The aim of my research is to prolong the preservation and transport time without additional loss of quality. To reach this goal, I will look into the current preservation and transport conditions in the sector together with the PCS. Next to this, I will study the respiration of several plant species and in close cooperation with the UGent Department of Food Technology, Safety and Health, I will examine the potential of the application of equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging.
This research is funded by VLAIO-LA.



Lieven Van de Vondel