Charlotte De Kock

Charlotte De Kock (PhD)’s expertise is in the domain of substance use treatment for migrants and ethnic minorities and drug prevention. She initiated and conducted various (policy-oriented) research projects in this domain (PADUMI 2015-2016, SOCPREV 2017-2018, MATREMI 2019). Her doctoral dissertation focused on equitable substance use treatment for migrants and ethnic minorities, an area in which she published extensively (see bibliography). Over the past years, she attracted sustainable funding for the study of this domain via the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO, RECMIB), the Special Research Fund of Ghent University (BOF, ACCESS) (2018-2022) and the Federal Science Policy (MATREMI). Charlotte is chair of the Diversity Committee of the Faculty of Law & Criminology, research representative in the faculty board, and board member of the European Xchange Prevention Platform (EMCDDA). She collaborates with the European Drug Agency on migration related topics.

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