Made in China Festival 2021 – Time for some culture!

(12-02-2021) Livestream @ Minard Gent: TALKS & MUSIC (Online 28 march) - Cinema@Home line-up (Online from 17-31 March) - Book presentation (16 February)

The Year of the Ox

Last year, the China Platform joined forces with the organizers of the Made in China Festival for the first time, when we hosted the book presentation of the renowned author Jung Chang on 13 February 2020, in cooperation with the Art Centre Vooruit, Publishing House Boekerij and Bookshop Walry.

And also this year, the China Platform is supporting the Made in China Festival, that will kick-off soon with a new programme to celebrate the Chinese contemporary culture in all its forms.

Apart from a series of Chinese contemporary movies and a book presentation in cooperation with Art Centre Vooruit, they will also host a debate on 28 March, which will be moderated by Tom Van de Weghe.


28 March – livestream debate

On Sunday March 28th, China specialists will cast a light on relevant topics in contemporary China. Each speaker will talk from her/his own specialization about what is happening in China today and put it in a broader context. The event will be enlivened by cross cultural music act SweeT and will be livestreamed @ Minard in Ghent by Sound of Ghent.

Timing: 28 March, 11:00 – 13:00 CET, livestream by Sound of Ghent
Language: English spoken
Price: €5
Tickets & info:


  • ‘Can we trust China?’ - Pascal Coppens
  • ‘A historical perspective on the social engagement of women in China’ - Susan Yang
  • ‘Chinese women in the new century – from #Me Too to redefining success’ - Julie O’Yang
  • ‘China – resilient nation in times of crisis’ - Jan Van Loon

This event is in collaboration with China Platform.

保重 !

17 – 31 March – Made in China Festival ‘Cinema@Home Line-up’

More information about the series of contemporary Chinese movies can be found on the CINEMA @ HOME | Made In China.

16 February – Sci-fi novel ‘The Three-Body Problem’ by author Liu Cixin

More information about the presentation of the sci-fi novel “The Three-Body Problem” (in Dutch: ‘Het drielichamenprobleem’) from Chinese author Liu Cixin, as part of the monthly literature programme “Uitgelezen” by organiser Vooruit, can be found on UITGELEZEN | Made In China.