Lieven Clement


Lieven Clement graduated as Master in Bio-Science Engineering  at Ghent University in 2000 and obtained a PhD in Environmental Statistics in 2007 at the same University. In his postdoc he reoriented his research to Statistical Genomics. In 2010 Lieven Clement joined the KU Leuven faculty of Biostatistics and Statistical Bioinformatics. He is now Associate Professor of Statistical Genomics at Ghent University, Belgium. 


Since 2007, Lieven Clement’s research focusses on Genomics and Statistical Bioinformatics problems. In particular he developed statistical data analysis methods for microarrays, digital PCR, next-generation sequencing, and mass spectrometry based proteomics. His research efforts resulted in numerous publications on novel methods and tools for, and applied research in, omics data analysis. His lab is built around three strategic research pillars each connected to an omics domain: (meta)genomics, (single cell) transcriptomics and proteomics. He is a strong advocate of open and reproducible science, which he actively propagates in his research and teaching activities. He is also keen on leveraging his expertise in experimental design, omics data analysis and integration to researchers in the life science and to translational research.


More information on his research, software, short courses and lab is available on the statomics github page.