ENLIGHT NB²E network: Natural Based solutions for the Built Environment

Climate change will lead to changes in weather patterns in Europe, leading to - among others - increasing amount, intensity and duration of heat waves, droughts and flooding. This affects biodiversity and human life. The adaptation of our buildings and cities to these changing circumstances, into more resilient cities, is a key challenge.
The Enlight NB²E network aims to investigate and demonstrate nature-based solutions to make our cities more resilient to climate change, both at the level of individual buildings and building components, and at the wider level of the city (e.g. urban heat islands). Examples are the design, demonstration and assessment of nature-based solutions for buildings (e.g. using bio-based materials for building elements, and integrating nature (green façades and roofs)), solutions for the resilience of buildings and neighbourhoods to overheating and humidity, geo-based solutions, the integration of rain water recovery in the urban landscape…

Various colleagues from the Building Physics research group, UGent Woodlab (Faculty of Biosciences), together with colleagues from the Enlight partner universities such as the University of Bordeaux, Uppsala University and the University of the Basque country, participate in this network that aims at establishing a more profound cooperation between researchers of the different institutions.

Project Info

Research group: Building Physics
Duration: from 01-12-2022 until 30-04-2024
Researcher: Marijke Steeman