PRO³ Prefab-Renovation Solutions for the tertiary sector

PRO³ Prefab-Renovatie-Oplossingen voor de tertiaire gebouwsector

Today, ETICS, cavity-filling and interior insulation are popular renovation measures. However,these methods are typically used on a low-scale level and involves in-situ work. For the renovation of large, repetitive, buildings, prefabricated elements offer a better method. The construction phase only involves the installation of the elements against the existing façade. The on-site period is short and the building continues to function. Next to that, ventilation ducts can also be integrated in the façade elements. By this, the building envelope and HVAC-ducts are renovated in one single operation.

Despite of these advantages, prefab-renovation is rarely applied. The building sector signalize there are several technical questions that hinders the application. Next to that, they mark there is a lack of knowledge and support to benefit from the full potential of prefabricated elements. PRO³ wants to support the companies to move towards innovative solutions for prefab-renovation.