Creative Summit Wonder: Presentation Computational Design

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21-10-2022 from 10:30 to 14:00
Budafabriek 2 Dam 8500 Kortrijk

Presentation on Computational design on the Creative Summit / Wonder Festival

The Creativity Summit, as part of the unique WONDER Kortrijk Creativity Festival at the Budafabriek is an organization of designregio Kortrijk. is also actively participating in this Creative Summit. During the Creative Summit at the Wonder festival in Kortrijk, Yannick Christiaens will give a presentation on Computational design

"The appearance and functionality of the products that surround us is still today very much determined by the imagination and experience of the designer. In a world of increasingly sophisticated products and a demand for personalized solutions, we must recognize that we are running up against our limits.

Computational thinking, and by extension computational modeling, forces the designer to abstract a product to its basic functions. Form is disregarded. We count on the computational power of the PC or the cloud to expand our design space and provide forms beyond our imagination. Thanks to recent developments in the field of additive manufacturing, the barriers to effectively producing these products are being broken down."

The full program of this creative summit can be found at the website of designregio kortrijk.

The Creative Summit of design region Kortrijk is a free event, but registration is required. You can register via the  form on their website

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