Minister Peeters wants to work towards a better mobility in Zwijnaarde

(25-02-2021) During her working visit to Ghent, Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters also went to Zwijnaarde. A first stop was made at Campus Ardoyen where, from the 11th floor of the UGent Tower, she had a good view of the surroundings.

The southern mosaic of Ghent is a real magnet for companies, knowledge institutions and spin-offs. Peeters came to take stock of the situation and was given an explanation by Koen De Bosschere, among others, about the planned projects and ongoing developments.

The Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV) is currently investigating how the connection between De Sterre and Zwijnaarde on and along the N60 in Ghent can be made better and safer for cyclists, public transport and motorised traffic. The reason is the further development of the Tech Lane Ghent - campus Ardoyen in Zwijnaarde. The Oudenaardsesteenweg (N60) already suffers from heavy traffic and the new developments make it appropriate to carry out a study to see where improvements can be made for all modes of transport.

Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters:

"Traffic on and around the N60 has increased enormously. AWV has launched a study to improve traffic flow and road safety for all modes of transport. It is also being investigated how we can make cycling and public transport more attractive for everyone by means of infrastructural interventions."

Plan for cycle connection from De Sterre to Technology Park and Don Bosco

Minister Peeters aims for a better and safer cycle connection between De Sterre and the Technology Park, including a safe crossing of the R4 (inner and outer ring) and the E40. The focus is on the oval roundabout near the Technology Park itself. We are looking into how we can tackle this node to allow motorised traffic and De Lijn buses on the N60 and to Zwijnaarde to travel more smoothly, in combination with a safe bicycle and pedestrian crossing. Research is also being carried out into how the N60 and the Tramstraat - Adolphe della Faillelaan can be adapted so that the buses can travel more smoothly.