Tenured Academic Staff

  • Joris Degroote (Fluid-structure interaction, quasi-Newton methods, optimization)

Retired Academic Staff

  • Erik Dick (Mach-uniform algorithms, transition models)

Visiting Professor

Supporting staff

  • Annick De Coster (Financial and administrative management)
  • Yves Maenhout (System administrator)


PhD students

  • Axel Bral (Development of techniques to simulate the interaction between airjets and a flexible, fuzzy yarn)
  • Amith Balusubramanya (Fluid-structure interaction simulations of cardiovascular problems, at IBiTech)
  • Kamiel Ceusters (Development of a numerical multi-physics method to analyze the vibration characteristics of rotating components in liquid metal, at SCK)
  • Tom De Bruyn (Adjoint optimization of composite blades, at VKI)
  • Nicolas Delaissé (Fluid-structure interaction of elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication)
  • Henri Dolfen (Fluid-structure interaction simulations and uncertainty quantification of flow-induced vibration in tube bundles)
  • Peyman Havaej (Fluid-structure interaction of elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication, at Soete)
  • Romain Poletti (Real-time optimization of bio-inspired wings using the deformable overset method and machine learning, at VKI)
  • Niels Pynaert (Optimization of flexible aircraft models for airborne wind energy)
  • François Trigaux (Aeroelasticity of large wind turbines using LES, at UCLouvain)
  • Matthias Van Impe (Fluid-structure interaction simulations of cardiovascular problems, at IBiTech)
  • Matija Avirovic (Experimental study of passive control of the flow around a high lift-to-drag ratio airfoil at very high altitude, at RMA)
  • Mathieu Vervaecke (Fluid-structure interaction simulation of wire drawing processes)

Former members