Do investments in sustainable transport lead to urban transition?

(11-06-2021) In his doctoral research, Muhammad Basheer investigates whether transport investments lead to urban transition.

Rapid urbanisation around the world has increased the need for different modes of transport. Governments are spending huge amounts of money to encourage users to switch to more sustainable modes of transport.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has emerged as a cost-effective alternative to expensive rail and light rail systems. In his PhD, ‘Urban Transition as a Result of Transport Investment: The Case Bus Rapid Transit Lahore Pakistan', Muhammad Basheer investigates the complex relationship between transport, urban development and economy, as well as their interrelationships in the context of Lahore, Pakistan.

The results of the research show that Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has a substantial impact on travel behaviour, urban development and the economy. Besides providing mobility benefits, BRT successfully generates spatial developments and economic activities.


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