Is there still enough bandwidth for all those wireless devices?

(04-10-2021) Felipe Augusto Pereira de Figueiredo's examines in his PhD how the radio spectrum for wireless devices can be optimally utilized.

The availability of the many wireless networks and the emergence of new technologies has led to many wireless devices. Supplementary the number of connected devices is expected to significantly exceed the number of people. Due to this exceptional growth, the radio spectrum is gradually becoming saturated.

"Now it is the case that the bandwidth of the radio spectrum is not always optimally utilized. Some parts of the spectrum are overcrowded, while others remain significantly underutilized," Felipe explains.

"Therefore, we need to urgently develop new architectures and techniques to optimize bandwidth utilization," Felipe continues.

"To this end, in my doctoral research I have introduced advanced SDR architectures and techniques for radio HW virtualization and for accessing and sharing the spectrum in a very efficient and fair way," Felipe concludes.


PhD Title: Advanced Software-Defined Radio Architectures and Techniques for Radio Hardware Virtualization and Efficient Spectrum Sharing


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Contact: Felipe Augusto Pereira de FigueiredoXianjun Jiao (promotor), Ingrid Moerman (promotor)

Felipe Augusto Pereira de Figueiredo


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