Youshuo Yan

Youshuo Yan


  • From China
  • Previous studies: Bachelor in International Business Administration obtained at the University of Twente (The Netherlands)
  • Obtained the Master of Science in Business Economics - marketing in academic year 2016-2017
  • Currently lives in the Netherlands and works as a Market Intelligence specialist


Youshuo about his experience at the FEB

In China It’s more a lecture focus so you don’t really have a lot of interaction with your  professors and students. You just go to lectures and you don’t do a lot of projects like I am doing here in Belgium. I think that professors here, I would say, are quite helpful because when I have questions I can always approach them after the lectures, I can always send them emails and they reply really fast. With regards to the students, most of them are really helpful, they always work together and sometimes we just go discuss in some of the pubs or even cafes.

I asked advice from one of my professors, who also studied in Belgium in Antwerp, he suggested me Ghent University because it has a really great reputation in academics. In the Netherlands I had two professors who are actually graduated from Ghent University and I also asked advice from them and all of them recommended me to study here in Ghent.

I always want to go somewhere that not too many people know because I really want to discover myself. I really like to study in historical cities because then it can also give me something inspiring apart from my study. It also has a lot of nice architecture. During your spare time you can just walk through the city and it is also very enjoyable.

I would say most of the classes I’m following are quite intimate. It is not a huge class or a lecture hall where you feel that the professor is not approachable.

The professor really taught us the really fundamental things in marketing. Ofcourse every student knows marketing because we are following a master programme in marketing. But no one really can tell the origin of where the word marketing comes from and the development of the definition of the word marketing. I think it was very cool because digital marketing was something really new. When I look at a lot of programmes in Europe at master level they don’t actually offer this course so throughly. The lecture gives us full view of what digital marketing looks like and we also learned techniques in how to analyse digital data.

The tuition fee is really accessible because now you have to pay a lot in China if you want to do a master. And also as I worked before I can really see that a lot of knowledge that I obtained is really valuable which really prepares you to be a future marketeer.


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