Business and international marketing - F000697

Specific course requirements


Students who would like to add this course to their curriculum should meet the required initial competences:

This means that students should have obtained a credit for a course in marketing and for a course in economics that covers the most important principles or they should have acquired these competences in another way. Students should have taken some courses in management and strategy to fully understand this course.

This class requires as well a field project including contacting and making interviews with managers of companies established in Belgium.
Class is based on active participation and discussions. Chapters should be read before attending the class.

Exchange students who have the intention to add the course to their curriculum should send a copy of their credits received in marketing and economics before they will be admitted or show that they have the required background (forward your credits to the professor concerned!).

General course specifications

Consult the general specifications of this course in the exchange programme in economics and business admin.