Search on the private rented market

The search for a comfortable and safe living-unit on the private rented market is very challenging and will take time and effort, since accommodation (for a short term) is very hard to find.

The current situation in Ghent, anno 2022, is really BAD: very little offer and a huge demand, due to the number of international students and staff who are enrolled or invited and the number of Belgian students who re-enrolled to Ghent University.

Have you already visited our webpage on the private rented market?

Additional tips for your search

  • You can not be very meticulous. 
  • Keep in mind that if an offer sounds ‘too good to be true’… it probably is! Be vigilant and avoid being scammed.
  • If there is any chance that you can shift the date of your arrival to the next semester or later in the year, we advise you to do so.
  • You can find living units via Google or Facebook. Some of the websites are in Dutch. Use Google Translate and write “kot te huur” or “studentenkamer te huur”(=student room for rent). BEWARE OF SCAMMERS!
  • Try sharing a flat or a house with a fellow student.
  • Students, staff and guests who will stay in Ghent for 12 months or longer can look for housing opportunities via real estate agencies.
  • Check out living units in the suburbs such as Ledeberg, Gentbrugge, Zwijnaarde, Sint-Amandsberg, Mariakerke, Wondelgem, Melle, Merelbeke etc. You may be closer to your faculty than you know… And your room, the kitchen and living room are probably bigger and there could be a terrace or garden present. 

Lists with living units on the private rented market

To facilitate your search for a living unit, please find some suggestions here:

  1. an overview of available living units for students (including address, period, rent, costs, contact, type of unit & remarks)
  2. a list with housing units, most suited for PhD students, Master students, lecturers & teachers (including address, period, rent, costs, contact, type of unit & remarks)
  3. a list with living units that are subletted by students, who are going abroad
  4. an overview of hostels, bed & breakfasts and hotels in Ghent

Once you’ve made your choice, you must contact the landlord or the student with whom you wish to make an agreement.

The lists are modified as soon as we receive a new offer.