Ghent University researchers explain their research in a Twitter Thread

Eline Lievens, Hannes Mareen en Sarah Bonte (large view)

Eline Lievens, Hannes Mareen en Sarah Bonte

(29-10-2021) Fourteen UGent PhD candidates were brave enough to take on the #ThesisThread challenge. Three of them will move on to the final jury.

In the #ThesisThread competition Flemish universities challenge their PhD candidates to explain their doctoral research in a Twitter thread. The researchers posted their threads between 1 September and 15 October. Fourteen Ghent University PhD candidates took part in this first edition of the contest.

All Ghent University Twitter Threads

  • Anneke Vandendriessche explains how she wants to help adolescents sleep more
  • Anouk Decuypere sets out how leadership, wellbeing and attentive communication can improve companies
  • Ben De Groeve tells us about the perception of vegans and vegetarians in their efforts to promote plant-based diets
  • Charlotte Eben looked into how people respond to failure: impulsively or thoughtfully?
  • Eline Lievens’ research covers the importance of different types of muscle fibres in sports, and she turned her PhD into an illustrated practical guide
  • Eva Cloots went in search of the secrets of a protein called IRE1β
  • Hannes Mareen went on a pirate hunt with his research into how Game of Thrones episodes were leaked before their official release dates
  • Ioanna Chatzigiannidou goes into the treatment of oral diseases and how that can affect the micro-organisms in our mouths
  • Jorn Van de Velde asks whether last summer’s historic floods are likely to be repeated in future
  • Killian Foubert investigated the correlation between terrorism and migration: do migrants want to stay in their host country, return or move on to a different country?
  • Pieter Van den Berghe explains how music can be used to reduce the number of injuries sustained by runners
  • Sarah Bonte uncovers the link between our immune system, cancer and.... computers
  • Sepideh Soroush uses washed up seaweed to clean beaches and purify sea water
  • Sien Devriendt wonders whether certain religious practices are allowed in schools and what the legal framework is on this issue

Final jury

  • The three Ghent University threads that have been selected for the final jury are those by: Hannes Mareen, Eline Lievens en Sarah Bonte.
  • An interuniversity panel of judges will select three winners who will each win €250.
  • The winners will be announced after the final judging, which is due to take place on 2 December.

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