Ghent University challenges excelling students to participate in educational innovation

(13-09-2021) Some students need an extra challenge. Ghent University differentiates itself by offering these students an interesting challenge in addition to their regular curriculum through various Honours programmes.

In May 2021, a new batch of thirteen motivated second bachelor students from the faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Medicine and Health Sciences, and Sciences was selected for the Interfaculty Honours Programme Education (2021-2023).

Within the Honours Programme Education, students optimize and innovate together with their professors a practical from the bachelor's degree programme. At a later stage, students are also responsible for supervising these practicals. After all, from their own experience they know well what the points for improvement are and how they can better support their fellow students.

This third edition started with a Summer Course in Het Pand. Education experts from the Educational Master in Health Sciences, including Professor Leen Haerens, taught about the basic principles of supervising practicals. The students learned how to make a good preparation assignment, how to activate prior knowledge, how to ask learning questions, how to increase the relevance of practicals, how to give motivational feedback, how to differentiate and how to evaluate.

In addition, five supervisors from the faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Medicine and Health Sciences and Sciences offered the selected students an in-depth program.

Based on this input, the students work out an innovation project together with their professors. For example, they play an active role in the optimization and innovation of existing practicals. Their enthusiasm is a great boost for the promoters every year and once again confirms the importance of student participation in education at Ghent University, who can eagerly look forward to the results of these fantastic projects!