Reset your MFA methods with Itsme or eID

(19-11-2021) Your UGent account is now extra secured with multi-factor authentication (MFA). When logging in, in addition to username and password, an extra method or factor is used to authenticate yourself.

Be sure to set up multiple methods, so that you can still log in when your preferred method is not available. Tip: also set up SMS code or phone call verification as one of your methods.

If you have only set 1 method, it may suddenly become unavailable (for example after transferring your apps and data to a new device, after a factory reset, ...). Don't worry, you can now reset your MFA methods yourself on and don’t have to contact the DICT helpdesk.

To authenticate yourself, you will be redirected to the website of the Flemish government. You can register there via Itsme or with your e-ID and a card reader. Once logged in you can set up a multi-factor authentication method again.

All information about MFA can be found on the helpdesk pages.