Data stewards

Ghent university has appointed data stewards to provide researchers from PhD student level and up with professional support for Research Data Management.

As data stewards, we act as your first point of contact for RDM questions. As advisors, we are here to offer you a helping hand.  

Get in touch with us via . Follow our activities via @UGentRDM and

How can we help?

We offer a range of advisory and training services regarding RDM:

Who are we?

As data stewards we constitute an RDM knowledge and communication hub within Ghent University Library (Boekentoren), which is part of the University’s Research Department.

We each have experience with research and data in various disciplines, thus forming a team with complementary skills and areas of expertise.

Our team has 1 coordinator and 5 data stewards who act as a main point of contact for each of the 5 faculty clusters:

Data stewards coordinator

Faculty cluster Law, Arts & Humanities

  • Comprises the Faculties of Arts & Philosophy, and Law & Criminology.
  • Data steward: Thomas Van de Velde

Faculty cluster Social and Behavioural Sciences

  • Comprises the Faculties of Economics & Business Administration, Psychology & Educational Sciences, and Political & Social Sciences.
  • Data steward: Ziad Choueiki

Faculty cluster Natural Sciences

  • Comprises the Faculty of Sciences.
  • Data steward: Paula Oset

Faculty cluster (Bioscience) Engineering

  • Comprises the Faculties of Engineering & Architecture, and Bioscience Engineering.
  • Data steward: Stefanie De Bodt

Faculty cluster Life Sciences & Medicine

  • Comprises the Faculties of Medicine & Health Sciences, Veterinary Medicinen, and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Data steward: Laura Standaert

We  aim to be as visible and accessible as possible within the Faculties, for example through consultations with researchers, training, and other events.



Our core mission as data stewards is to: 

  • Promote and facilitate good RDM practices
  • Contribute to a cultural change towards FAIR data, open data, and data reuse among researchers and the broader Ghent University community

Why data stewards at Ghent University?

Data stewards are typically seen as a new type of ‘data professional’ focusing on the domain of Research Data Management and curation. Their role is to support researchers with RDM throughout the whole data lifecycle.

This has become necessary in a context where science is increasingly data-driven and collaborative, and where an evolving legal and policy landscape increases the expectations for researchers in terms of FAIR and open data. Moreover, data management requires time, effort, and a range of specific knowledge and skills.

Therefore, professional support tailored as much as possible to specific disciplines is essential:

  • To raise awareness and help spread best practices
  • To help researchers navigate the different data requirements

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