Host agreement

ATTENTION: THESE PROCEDURES WILL CHANGE MID 2022. You can find more information on this website.

A host agreement is a document drawn up by the Direction of Personnel and Organization for international researchers with a contract or grant agreement paid by Ghent University. The host agreement allows the international staff member to apply for a scientific visa at the Belgian Embassy.

The host agreement can only be drawn up if the following conditions are met:

  • financing through an approved research project (no 'cash financing')
  • sufficient qualifications of the researcher (minimum master degree or equivalent)
  • researcher must have sufficient means of subsistence during his stay and for his return (minimum half-time employment)
  • submission to full Belgian social security
  • employment contract for at least three months

The hosting agreement and the related document for the exemption from paying the administrative contribution (if applicable) will be provided to the new employee by our HR officers as soon as all the information required for drawing up the host agreement is available.

With the host agreement, the employee can start the application for the scientific visa - long stay type D. All non-EU nationals need a type D long stay visa to travel and stay in Belgium. The application for the visa is made at the Belgian diplomatic mission or consular post in the country where the post-doctoral researcher is currently residing.

All information about visa applications for Belgium can be found on the website of the Immigration Department of the FPS Home Affairs.

If the granting of the visa is delayed for unclear reasons, the Recruitment and Selection Department can contact the Immigration Department at the request of the researcher (file no. and name of the embassy are necessary).