Book presentation and photo exhibition "Photographing Central Asia" on 8 November

(23-09-2022) From the Periphery of the Russian Empire to Global Presence

Bookcover Photographing Central AsiaThe book ‘Photographing Central Asia. From the Periphery of the Russian Empire to Global Presence’ tries to rethink of the photography of Russian Turkestan of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It demonstrates that photography was the cornerstone of imperial media governance and discourse construction in colonial Turkestan of the tsarist and early Soviet periods. The various cases show the complex mechanisms by which images of Turkestan were created, remembered, or forgotten from the nineteenth until the twenty-first century.

On Tuesday 8 November at 19.30hrs prof. Bruno de Cordier together with prof. Svetlana Gorshenina, both editors of this volume, will present the book and answer questions from the public. There will be also a possibility to explore the photo exhibition of Turkestan postcards from different series that were published in the 1900s and 1910s. Read about the exhibition here.

Everyone is warmly invited to join a small reception afterwards.

Partner: Faculty Library of Arts and Philosophy

When? Tuesday 8 November, from 19.30hrs till 21:00hrs

Where? Faculty Library of the Arts and Philosophy (Magnel), Rozier 44 , Ghent 9000

Entrance is free, but registration is required: click here