Overview of the prices charged by the Centre for Advanced Light Microscopy for the use of equipment or support.

A contribution is asked for the use of equipment and support provided by the expertise centre. This contribution is necessary to cover the running costs of the microscopy centre, it helps to make it possible to offer our services.

Prices per hour

Measurements can be performed by yourself after training or by the facility staff.

  1. When performing measurements by yourself a price per hour is asked for the use of the equipment. Each instrument is assigned to a price category 1, 2, 3 or 4  which is indicated on the equipment pages. To get access, an initial training has to be followed which takes typically 6 to 8 hours, however this varies strongly depending on the instrument and the experience of the user. For this training a price per hour is charged additional to the equipment fee. Cost = hours of training * ( training fee + instrument fee ) + hours of measurements * instrument fee
  2. When service measurements are performed by the staff, a fee additional to the equipment fee is charged per hour. Cost = hours of measurements * (instrument fee + service fee )


Internal (Ghent University)

External (academic)

(excl. VAT)

Category 1

12.5 €/h

17.5 €/h

Category 2

34 €/h

47.5 €/h

Category 3

57 €/h

79.5 €/h

Category 4

88 €/h

102.5 €/h


+ 20 €/h

+ 28.5 €/h


+ 65 €/h

+ 92.5 €/h

 All prices apply from September 2020 until September 2021