Do you already have a degree or have you already completed (part of) another study programme?

If so, you may be eligible for exemptions, or, as it is now called in full: exemptions on the basis of previously acquired qualifications (EVK, Eerder Verworven Kwalificaties; these are every domestic or foreign study certificate which shows that you have successfully completed a formal learning track, insofar as it is not a credit certificate obtained within the institution or programme where you wish to assert this qualification).

You have a chance for exemptions provided the content of the course unit in your current or future study programme is similar to a course unit that you have successfully completed in a previous study programme. To check this, it is best to consult the Ghent University study guide and the study programme you wish to follow. You can click on the course unit you think corresponds with the course unit for which you have already obtained a certificate.

If you apply for an exemption, and it is granted, the course unit for which you are exempt will no longer be part of your curriculum. This means that you no longer have to attend classes, do class assignments and exams for that course unit.

How do you apply for the exemption(s)?

You have to fill in your file electronically via this application:

https://www.vrijstellingen.ugent.be/lw (in Dutch)


  • Sign in with your Ghent University account or create a guest account to log in.
  • Step 1: Fill out all details correctly.
  • Step 2: Check whether you have filled in all the data correctly.
  • Step 3: Submit your application.

After submission, you can consult your file online. You will be notified by email if your file is incomplete or if your file has been processed.

Include the following documents digitally:

  • a copy of diplomas, credit certificates and/or other qualification certificates
  • a copy of all transcripts of records
  • the course sheets of the course units on the basis of which you apply for exemptions

Final submission dates:

  • first-term course units: 14 November
  • second-term course units: 28 February

In the summer months an answer may take longer, as the university is closed during the Ghent Festivities. In any case, the sooner you submit an application, the sooner you know what your learning path will look like.

How to appeal against Examination Boards decisions on exemptions?

Do you disagree with the decision of the Examination Board regarding your application for exemptions? In that case, you can file an appeal against this decision with the Institutional Appeals Committee. The internal appeal procedure is described in article 100 of the education and examination code.