Bachelor of Arts in History


Ghent University guides future historians in the formation of both a critical attitude and a broad outlook on the world. Our graduate bachelors have a good all-round background in social sciences, but above all they have a thorough knowledge of history, from the start of civilization to the recent past. Western European history is covered in their education, but there is also a great deal of attention paid to world history.


In the first year, you will follow essential social science courses (Philosophy, Art and Literature) and two basic history classes (Historical Criticism and World History). In addition to which, during the three years of the history bachelor programme, you will follow three types of courses: (1) knowledge and insight subjects (survey classes of periods and big themes in history); (2) practical history classes (guided ‘exercises’ in which you will be taught how to set up and carry out independent research); and (3) introductions to the human and social sciences (non-history subjects).


In the bachelor’s programme, you will receive a complete introduction to a broad selection of social sciences, and, above all, thorough training in the various subject areas of history. An introduction to numerous research skills is also central to the bachelor programme. Students learn how to use scientific literature, how to analyse historical sources and how to report findings both orally and in writing. These are skills that are also useful to have outside the field of history, in any professional environment.

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