Bachelor-en Masterproef suggesties Gertrudis Van de Vijver

  • Kant’s philosophy of mathematics; Kant’s philosophy of logic; Kant’s and Frege’s theory of the number; Transcendental logic and formal logic; The “I think’ as a basic ingredient of a logic of identification.
  • George Canguilhem’s notion of normativity between philosophy and the social sciences
  • History and Philosophy of Psychoanalysis: the logic of the signifier in Freud and Lacan; forgotten figures in the history of Freudianism (Reich, Jones, Steckel, …); death drive in its relation to the Freudian pleasure principle and the Lacanian notion of Jouissance;
  • The notion of the sign in empiricist conceptions of the mental – cf. Recanati in Lacan about Condillac and Locke
  • History of Philosophy of Biology: vitalism and its vicissitudes; Kant and vitalism; neo-Darwinism and complexity; Epigenetics and Lamarckism; Robert Rosen – the modeling relation
  • Philosophy of Humanities: The role of Robert Hutchins and the Centre for Democratic Studies.