Data-date: Algorithms in Education

15-03-2022 from 16:00 to 18:00
De Krook, Miriam Makebaplein 1 9000 Gent

In thise Data-Date, we will give an overview of the results of our survey research, in which  we questioned 1014 parents and 332 students about their perceptions, opinions and attitudes about algorithms in education.

Althought the event will take place fysically in Ghent, you can also attend online. Please indicate this when making your reservation.

Keynote speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Ralf De Wolf (professor of New Media Studies, UGent, imec-mict)
  • Marijn Martens (PhD researcher, UGent, imec-mict)
  • Jan Schuer (founder and CEO of Smartschool)
  • Cato Vandenbossche (Policy Officer at Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel) and Fulvio Groeninck (pupil representative at VSK/student KA Voskenslaan in Ghent)
  • Ruben Galle (teacher in the Leiepoort in Deinze and google classroom enthusiast

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