Voorbije doctoraatsverdedigingen

Dit overzicht is beperkt tot de doctoraatsverdedigingen van de afgelopen 3 maand. Een overzicht van alle afgelegde verdedigingen vindt u in onze Academische Bibliografie.


Datum Titel Volledige naam Faculteit
2022-10-06 18:00:00+00:20 Understanding migration drivers: The role of health and climate factors Bekaert , Els EB
2022-10-06 17:00:00+00:20 Towards efficient agro-biologicals: A trait specific in planta enrichment method for beneficial bacteria in wheat Deroo, Waldo LA
2022-10-06 16:00:00+00:20 Fertilizer nitrogen use efficiency and partitioning in 'Conference' pear trees Colpaert, Ben LA
2022-10-06 17:00:00 Entrepreneurs facing venture distress: conditions, processes and outcomes Coppens, Karlien EB
2022-10-06 14:00:00+00:20 Covalent Triazine Frameworks: Metal-free heterogeneous (photo)catalysts Abednatanzi, Sara WE
2022-10-04 18:00:00+00:20 In vitro and in vivo characterization of long-acting aqueous suspensions – Towards a predictive semi-mechanistic pharmacokinetic model. Nguyen, Thi Thanh Vy FW
2022-10-04 17:30:00+00:20 Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Water Sprays in Fire-Driven Flows Thielens, Martin TW
2022-10-04 16:00:00+00:20 What when we have grown up? The entanglement between family & disability through research-creation practices. Vandecasteele, Marieke PP
2022-10-04 16:00:00+00:20 Mycotoxin occurrence, exposure, and mitigation strategies for staple foods in northern Uganda Wokorach, Godfrey LA
2022-10-04 17:30:00 Measuring Antimicrobial usage in European intensive livestock production systems and companion animals: Lessons learned for future monitoring programs Joosten, Philip DI
2022-10-04 14:00:00 Biogeochemical cycles along an elevational transect in Rwenzori montane forests of Uganda Okello, Joseph LA
2022-10-03 17:00:00+00:20 Metabolic Pathways Underlying Cow’s Milk Allergy in Children: a Metabolomics Approach De Paepe, Ellen DI
2022-10-03 16:00:00 Innovation, strategic alliance and performance of SMEs: labeled agri-food products in Morocco Jamai, Kaoutar LA
2022-09-30 14:00:00+00:20 Neural correlates of social information processing in infants at typical and elevated likelihood for ASD Melda, Arslan PP
2022-09-30 10:00:00 Representation and Processing of Quantificational Scope Slim, Mieke PP
2022-09-29 17:30:00+00:20 Social media analytics for good: Assessing the value of social media analytics for businesses and public instances Schetgen, Lisa EB
2022-09-29 17:30:00+00:20 Building a Glocalised Serial for Children: Corriere dei Piccoli (1908-1923) and TBO (1917-1932) Van de Wiele, Eva LW
2022-09-29 17:00:00+00:20 Chiral Symmetry in Hamiltonian Lattice Field Theory, A Tensor Network Perspective Roose, Gertian WE
2022-09-29 15:00:00+00:20 Whence and whither, o Russian literature in exile? Past and future in biographical novels by Ivan Nazhivin, Ivan Lukash and Vladimir Nabokov Breukelman, Lucas LW
2022-09-29 09:00:00+00:20 Study of the Arcobacter butzleri genome and transcriptome and evaluation of Arcobacteraceae genomic features Buzzanca, Davide DI
2022-09-28 17:30:00+00:20 Bilateral spastic cerebral palsy: investigating the reliability of strength assessments and the effect of intensive intervention of the lower limbs and trunk - A contribution to evidence based assessment and intervention Van Tittelboom, Vanessa GE
2022-09-28 17:00:00+00:20 Same as it never was? Monetary politics in an era of lowflation and pending climate crisis. Van Doorslaer, Hielke PS
2022-09-28 16:00:00+00:20 Essential oils to combat vibriosis in aquaculture: a model study in brine shrimp Zheng, Xiaoting LA
2022-09-28 16:30:00 Spectral X-ray computed micro tomography: potential and applications in geosciences Sittner, Jonathan WE
2022-09-28 16:00:00 Development of Dry EEG Textrodes for Brain Activity Monitoring Tseghai, Granch Berhe TW
2022-09-28 09:00:00+00:20 Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Sensor Based on an Integrated Optical Platform Li, Yang TW
2022-09-27 19:00:00+00:20 Relations between instructional quality, teacher characteristics, and student background and mathematics achievement Liu, Xin PP
2022-09-27 17:30:00+00:20 New insights in the use of vedolizumab in inflammatory bowel disease De Galan, Cara GE
2022-09-27 17:00:00+00:20 Business Process Management and Digital Innovations: Acceptance, Fit and Success Ahmad, Tahir EB
2022-09-27 17:00:00+00:20 Levensbeschouwelijke diversiteit in het Vlaams officieel onderwijs: van theorie naar praktijk. Devriendt, Sien RE
2022-09-27 16:00:00+00:20 Supramolecular polymeric materials based on metal-ligand coordination and host-guest interactions Ryskulova, Kanykei WE
2022-09-27 16:00:00+00:20 Linking wettability to multiphase flow in rocks: a pore-scale investigation using 4D X-ray microtomography Mascini, Arjen WE
2022-09-26 16:00:00+00:20 Understorey plant dynamics under climate change: biogeographical impacts of small-scale biotic and abiotic environmental variation Sanczuk, Pieter LA
2022-09-26 17:00:00 Pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy (PIPAC): combination of computational simulations and in vitro experiments Rahimi Gorji, Mohammad GE
2022-09-26 16:00:00 Towards a Relational Heritage Approach: Fostering Community-Heritage Engagement van Knippenberg, Gabriël TW
2022-09-26 14:00:00+00:20 Mind the Ad: Why Qualified Job Seekers May (Not) Apply Aylin, Koçak PP
2022-09-26 14:00:00 Predicting Lateral Displacement of Retaining Wall for Complex Underground Structures Using New Metaheuristic Algorithms To, Thanh Sang TW
2022-09-26 10:00:00 Damage Identification in Large-Scale Structures Using New Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms Le, Minh Hoang TW
2022-09-23 18:00:00 Mycotoxins and Human Carcinogenesis: Exploring Causal Links by Exposure Assessment and Poly-Omics Designs. Claeys, Liesel FW
2022-09-23 16:00:00+00:20 4D X-ray microtomography investigation of water-induced swelling of wood fiberboards Kibleur, Pierre LA
2022-09-23 16:00:00 Analyzing latent outcomes via ranks Dehaene, Heidelinde WE
2022-09-23 13:00:00+00:20 Tailoring Fischer Tropsch Synthesis Product Selectivities: Insights from Microkinetic Modelling and Machine Learning Chakkingal, Anoop TW
2022-09-23 14:00:00 Atomism, Motion and Causation. Gassendi’s original Epicureanism in the Scientific Revolution Coture, Jo LW
2022-09-23 11:00:00 Recharge-discharge relations of Gaza coastal aquifer between the land and Mediterranean Sea Mushtaha, Ashraf WE
2022-09-22 16:00:00+00:20 Source-oriented strategies to mitigate ammonia emission from broiler production Brink, Madri DI
2022-09-22 16:00:00+00:20 Identification and characterization of eukaryotic small open reading frames and microproteins Peeters, Marlies LA
2022-09-22 16:00:00+00:20 Electronics Integration into Textiles: A Study of Technology, Reliability, Sustainability and Applications Veske, Paula TW
2022-09-22 15:00:00 Enlarging the toolbox for cysteine selective protein modification De Geyter, Ewout WE
2022-09-21 17:00:00+00:20 Machine Learning on Data with Inconsistencies and its Granular Properties Palangetić, Marko WE