Lezing 'Neuro Inclusion: An introduction to neurodiversity, inclusion, and how it changes when accounting for the intersectional role of gender'

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Medewerkers , Privépersonen , Studenten
27-09-2022 van 12:00 tot 14:00
Library of Faculty of Sciences of University Ghent, Building S5, Quiet Library (2nd floor), Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Gent
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Justin Carrero, a neurodivergent PhD candidate & research assistant at Monash University tells us about the role of gender in neurodiversity.

Justin Carrero specializes in neurodiversity-inclusive workplace practices. Inclusion has emerged as both a buzzword & a focal point for organizations and educational institutions. The focus of creating a sense of belonging and value for individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, often with differing learning styles, has taken center stage. Notwithstanding is the emergent, social focus of re-examining how institutions are inclusive of Neurodiverse individuals, a term that sociologically references individuals with neurological differences including autism, ADHD & others. However, what is Neurodiversity in the context of education? Are there differences as to how it is experienced when we account for gender? And, how does one create an inclusive climate in the classroom that fosters a high degree of student engagement and contribution while accounting for these learning variances?

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