Danna Oomen

Danna OomenDanna Oomen received her MSc in Clinical and Health Psychology in 2018 at Leiden University, after completing a six-month research internship and thesis (on Beating overeating: training inhibitory control to reduce food intake and food cue sensitivity) under supervision of Prof. Elaine Fox at the University of Oxford. Additionally, she completed a six-month clinical internship at the specialized outpatient clinic for anxiety disorders at PsyQ, the Hague. Currently, she is in her first year of her PhD. Her doctoral thesis will be based on the topic of ‘The self in autism. With her research she aims to further our understanding of self-related processing in ASD and how it relates to difficulties in self-other control, Theory of Mind (ToM), and daily life social functioning. To study this, she will use neuro-imaging techniques such as EEG and fNIRS. 





Oomen, D., Grol. M., Spronk, D., Booth. C., & Fox, E. (2018). Beating uncontrolled eating: Training inhibitory control to reduce food intake and food cue sensitivity. Appetite, 131, 73-83. Doi:10.1016/j.appet.2018.09.007.