Silke Vanparys

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Silke Vanparys


Interactive book reading

Primary education

Language development

Vocabulary development



Interactive book reading can be defined as prompting children’s responses in book reading activities by asking open-ended questions or making comments to support children’s enthusiasm and learning opportunities by providing positive reinforcement or relating the text to their real-life experiences. It has been proven to be one of the most promising reading activities to foster children’s general language development and vocabulary development in particular.


Notwithstanding the proven effectiveness, the implementation of this stimulating literacy activity in educational practice as well as the scientific interest for the topic decreases radically when children make the transition from kindergarten to primary school. Therefore, my research aims at providing an integrated view on interactive book reading (IBR) in primary education.

This by (1) uncovering the IBR microstructure to study and clarify the interrelationship between teacher and children’s interaction processes and (2) evaluating the differential effects of IBR on (a) children’s receptive and expressive vocabulary development, (b) depending on the interaction’s abstraction level, and (c) for different groups of children.


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