Media Multitasking

Technological innovation has led to the emergence of various new types of media formats and devices, which increases the opportunities for media exposure. In response to these changes, a large proportion of media viewers have the tendency to consume more than one medium at the same time, using a single or multiple media device(s), a phenomenon referred to as media multitasking. Media multitasking is truly ubiquitous today and it is quickly becoming a standard behavioural pattern in everyday media consumption. Media content, regardless of whether it aims to entertain or inform, abounds with persuasive communication messages. To date, advertising effectiveness has generally been studied under the assumption of full attention. Therefore, Cepec currently investigates the effectiveness of persuasive messages within a media multitasking context. 

This topic is currently part of the PhD research of Emma Beuckels, under the guidance of Liselot Hudders and Veroline Cauberghe.

Media multitasking.jpg