Governance in conflict

Governance in Conflict is one of the five main research programmes of the Conflict Research Group.

Programme coordinator: Koen Vlassenroot

War and violent conflict are often presented as anarchic, with most basic governance activities abolished and all public services lacking. CRG research programme ‘Governance in Conflict’ wants to challenge this popular assumption, examining the different forms and modes of governance that emerge during conflict. Moreover, after formal peace agreements, modes of governance in conflict often persist.

Often this type of governance is 'hybrid', with multiple actors – rebel groups, state officials, politicians, businesspeople, traditional leaders – levying taxes and providing protection, justice, and other services to specific groups or individuals. The interactions between these different actors–and between them and the people they try to govern– can result in confrontation, but also offer room for negotiation.

CRGs micro-level approach to conflict analysis is particularly well suited to identify and investigate these multiple and hybrid forms of governance in conflict and their impact on populations living in conflict situations.


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