14-03-2023 Sourcebook: European and International Asylum and Migration Law
07-02-2023 Book: 'Migration law. Between people and the state’
14-12-2022 Training 'Gender in the asylum procedure'
14-12-2022 Defense Ruben Wissing
01-12-2022 Article: Procedural (in)justice for EU citizens moving to Belgium
12-07-2022 Artikel: Psychosocial Support for Refugee and Host Communities in Uganda
24-06-2022 TPI on age assessment of unaccompanied minors
14-06-2022 Chapter: Right-Wing Populism, Crumbling Migrants’ Rights and Strategies of Resistance in Belgium
23-05-2022 Artikel: Between Aspirations and Law: Protection Consciousness among Congolese Forced Migrants in Rabat (Ruben Wissing)
19-05-2022 Lore Roels receives Best Presentation Award at Faculty Research Day
10-05-2022 Contribution of the clinic to case before the Italian Constitutional Court
09-05-2022 A successful International Migration Moot Court Competition 2022!
15-03-2022 Annotation: the European Union jobseeker faces legal uncertainty
08-03-2022 Article: legal consciousness and migration: towards a research agenda
01-03-2022 Final of the International Migration and Refugee Law Moot Court Competition: 18 March 2022
14-01-2022 Teams advancing to oral rounds of Migration Moot Court Competition
13-12-2021 Myria presents the research report “Moving to Belgium as an EU citizen”
28-10-2021 Welcome to Lore Roels, PhD researcher on rape mythology in the European asylum procedure
20-10-2021 The Moving Cities
12-10-2021 Second edition of the Street Law module
07-10-2021 2022 International Migration and Refugee Law Moot Court Competition