Pieterjan Declerck

Short Bio



Pieterjan is a PhD researcher in the research group Law & Technology at Ghent University. He is affiliated with the department of Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private Law and Business Law.

Pieterjan takes part in an interdisciplinary research project concerning the blurring lines between gaming and gambling and its impacts on young people. The emergence of e.g. ‘lootboxes’ or ‘skin betting’ within the video-gaming industry sometimes dangerously approaches the notion of gambling and can therefore profoundly affect young people. Pieterjan’s contribution to this interdisciplinary project is to assess the legal framework in which both gaming and gambling operate and how this framework could (better) tackle the related issues in the future.

Pieterjan obtained the Master of Laws Degree at Ghent University cum laude in 2020, with focus on international trade and environmental law, data protection and IP-law, and EU Law & Technology.