10-06-2022 Most bacteria are fine
03-05-2022 Chicken feathers turned into biostimulant for crops
25-04-2022 Additive Manufacturing launching event
31-03-2022 'Quantum dots form the basis for the technology of tomorrow'
04-03-2022 Ghent researchers optimize electric cars
04-03-2022 ‘An optical atomic clock on a chip unleashes a revolution in time registration’
24-02-2022 Next step towards carbon neutral steel
17-02-2022 Cooperation agreement between Ghent University and ArcelorMittal Belgium renewed for 5 years
08-02-2022 Will leaf sensors increase the efficacy of micro-organisms as biological foliar control agents?
07-02-2022 From waste to resource thanks to characterization of waste streams
07-02-2022 Test identifies all viruses and bacteria that affect an animal with one sample
07-02-2022 Flemish support for expanding research infrastructure of AUGent universities of applied sciences
04-12-2021 Faster, safer and more affordable production of personalised cancer therapies thanks to Trince
03-12-2021 New R&D center with focus on Belgium's essential security interests
30-11-2021 Better prevention, healthier animals and people
24-11-2021 Hydrogen platform officially launched
12-11-2021 Groundbreaking trial results for further scaling up of powerful, low-calorie alternative to sugar
12-11-2021 BIOMARES sets course to explore the unknown territory of blue biotechnology
15-07-2021 Ghent University takes the lead in the production of tomorrow’s medicine