About UGent TechTransfer

UGent TechTransfer manages the intellectual property of the university, converts it into spin-off companies and licenses, and supports the Ghent University research community in creating partnerships with industry.

The Ghent University Association has a unique valorisation structure. The central interface service UGent TechTransfer and more than 25 decentralized Business Development Centers support researchers in developing groundbreaking science to bring innovations to the market. They form the link between the academic and industrial world. The Business Development Centers group complementary research departments according to field of application or domain of expertise. Together with the eight Industrial Research Fund (IOF) platforms, they form the Industrial Liaison Network.


Generating socio-economic impact with knowledge as raw material

UGent TechTransfer* facilitates and promotes the application of knowledge. This means the translation of research into new activities, innovative products and services, and social solutions.

* With UGent TechTransfer we refer to the entire valorisation department, incl. a central Technology Transfer Office, the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) and their Industrial Liaison Network, …

Our partners

Ghent University Association

The Ghent University Association (AUGent) is the overarching network of four high-quality higher education institutions: Ghent University, HOGENT, Artevelde University of Applied Sciences and Howest. Within this network, the partner institutions focus on joint added value.

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences is an open and lively center of expertise, where students, teachers, research experts and partners work together in a stimulating environment. Our research is translated into scientifically substantiated products, methodologies and services that various stakeholders can use. We speak the language of our field and are known for our drive. With daring choices, leadership and a good portion of entrepreneurial spirit, we leave our mark on the world of tomorrow.


HOGENT wants to make a difference in and for society. That is why we go for research and services with a sustainable impact. In co-creation we look for solutions to concrete problems of companies, organizations and governments and we focus on the major social challenges of today and tomorrow. The practice-oriented scientific research at HOGENT is carried out in 12 interdisciplinary research centers. The researchers are firmly rooted in reality and work together with their stakeholders on new ideas and innovative solutions.


Anticipating the future is what we have in mind with our Howest Community. We call ourselves atypical. We are open to people who think outside the box and we encourage entrepreneurship. Serve, empower, care: these are our values, the beacons that guide us, that have permeated the capillaries of our community. The student and his education are central to our education. Society and the broad professional field in particular are our touchstone. Creating social added value is our goal.

Qbic Fund

Qbic is an interuniversity venture capital fund that focuses on the transformation of technological breakthroughs into sustainable entrepreneurship.

TTO Flanders

TTO Flanders is a joint initiative of the five Flemish universities: Ghent University, Antwerp University, KU Leuven, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Hasselt University. The technology transfer offices (TTOs) of these universities are responsible for the knowledge and technology transfer from the universities and associated universities of applied sciences to private and public partners.

Some figures

  • 6 new spin-offs founded in 2021
  • 524 active patent families managed by UGent TechTransfer
  • 2,274 contracts, covering research and research services, the protection and exploitation of know-how and intellectual property rights arising from research at Ghent University, prepared by Ghent University TechTransfer
  • 2 new business development centers established in 2021, i4S and TEX IS MORE
  • 37 new projects approved for IOF funding