Members of the Carlier lab

PI - Prof. Aurélien Carlier



Aurélien Carlier is a tenure-track professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology of Ghent University since October 2015. His research focuses on microbe-host interactions, in particular the symbiosis between plants and bacteria.

  • 2008: PhD University of Connecticut
  • 2008-2015: Post-doc then group leader,  University of Zurich, CH.; Lab of Prof. Leo Eberl
  • 2015- present: Tenure-track professor at Ghent University


PhD students

Tessa Acar



Tessa graduated from Ghent University with a Master's degree in 2017 and is now working towards understanding the life cycle and transmission of vertically-transmitted bacterial symbionts of plants.

Bram Danneels


Bram graduated from Ghent University with a Master's degree in 2017 and is applying bioinformatics and (meta)genomics techniques to plant-bacteria associations, in particular the Dioscorea/Orrella leaf nodule symbiosis. Bram obtained his PhD diploma on 5 November 2021.

Frédéric De Meyer


Frédéric is a teaching assistant and PhD student in the Laboratory of Microbiology. When he is not busy leading practical courses for the students of the Biochemistry and Biotechnology program, he works towards understanding the function of leaf nodule symbioses. He is particularly interested in isolating and characterizing secondary metabolites produced by symbiotic bacteria of plants.

Shanshan Qi



Shanshan obtained her master's degree from Harbin Institute of Technology, China and joined our lab in November 2016. She is setting up and applying high-throughput isolation and "culturomics" methods to probe plant-microbe interactions, with special focus on the phyllosphere. Shanshan obtained her PhD diploma on 13 January 2021.