Geologie: inzet van tablets in veldwerk

App: Strike and dip

The Strike and Dip application turns your smartphone or tablet into essentially a brunton compass allowing you to determine the strike and dip of planar and linear features with one click.  In addition, the longitude, latitude, altitude, address (if available), and date and time are collected for each reading. Magnetic field data can also be recorded. Images of minerals, individual formations, rock textures, structures, etc. can also be taken along with video and/or audio in case additional information about outcrops needs to be documented.



FieldMove Clino

This app combines a hand-held compass-clinometer, paper basemap, field notebook and camera, the interface is designed for simplicity in the field and optimized to use the device’s GPS location and orientation sensors.

FieldMove Clino allows the user to collect planar, lineation, photo and annotation data. The application supports online maps as well as innovative offline maps support for disconnected mapping. Data can be exported as .csv or .mve files and then imported straight into Midland Valley’s FieldMove or Move software applications for further analysis, model building and validation.