First lab-based X-Ray ptychography

(17-05-2021) Researchers from UGCT have for the first time performed X-Ray ptychography in a small lab setting, a technique that normally requires expensive sychrotron infrastructure.

X-Ray ptychography is a technique that allows imaging features of an object, below the resolution limit normally dictated by the phyiscal extent and wavelength of the light source used. Ptychography is normally only performed at synchrotrons, due to the stringent requirements on the quality of the light illuminating the object.

In a world's first, researcher from UGCT in collaboration with colleagues from Diamond Light Source and University of Sheffield, have now been able to bring this technique to a lab based setting. This demonstration, as featured by PRL, could potentially evolve to make ptychography more widely available around the world, enabling researchers and industry to perform high resolution measurements in their own labs.